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Acertus Ties the Knot With the NAIDA to Best Serve Indies and Others As Well

ACERTUS, an omnichannel automotive logistics platform, today was named the preferred vendor for vehicle logistics by the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA). This new, strategic partnership brings ACERTUS’ comprehensive technology to thousands of NIADA members nationwide – giving independent automobile dealers access to enhanced services to seamlessly move, store, recondition, title and home deliver vehicles to compete in today’s market.

Providing necessary technology to small and independent dealers is paramount to leveling the automotive retail playing field, allowing every auto dealer, no matter the size, to easily sell vehicles nationally and meet customers where they are without logistics or title and registration being a roadblock. The new dealermallUSA by NIADA provides association members access to a range of affiliated products and services supporting the needs of small and independent dealers, including ACERTUS’ proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS), VINlocity. Through ACERTUS’ platform, members can instantly connect to capacity of more than 7,400 carriers, 1,000 drivers, 66 hub and home delivery prep locations and title and registration processing capabilities in all 50 states, as well as get quotes, place and manage orders.

“Automotive retail has a long tail of small and independent dealers critical to meeting the current unprecedented demand for inventory,” said Trent Broberg, ACERTUS CEO. “Through this strategic partnership we can deliver technology to thousands of dealers, empowering and enabling them to expand the markets in which they can sell and acquire inventory, meet expectations for faster fulfillment and upshift the customer experience all on our logistics platform.”

The partnership kicks off during the 76th annual NIADA National Convention and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada bringing together independent dealers to learn the latest strategies, best practices, and emerging trends from the industry’s top minds, subject matter experts, and peers.

“Independent retailers are disproportionately feeling the effects of industry disruptions and inventory challenges,” NIADA CEO Bob Voltmann said. “NIADA members are calling for a solution to navigate these challenges and address the current gap between the independent dealers and the top 150 dealers and large digital retailers. ACERTUS provides a unique blend of technology, infrastructure and experience to empower our members to remain competitive.”

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