Back in 2011, sMedia founders recognized one of the biggest problems in automotive advertising: Everyone is guessing.

Marketing teams run ad campaigns based on vanity metrics, attracting costly unqualified traffic. They don’t know where their engaged customers are, how to spot and reach them, and how much they need to spend in order to do so. Meanwhile, General Managers become lost in unactionable reports trying to justify high ad spend.

sMedia team believed that there’s a better way to acquire customers for dealerships, and it was backed with data.

We developed a technology that recognizes purchase intent and helps over 450 dealerships across North America capitalize on it. Our success in automotive advertising was recognized by Google when we became the first Google Premier Partner in Saskatchewan.

In 2017, we were acknowledged as one of a handful of Google SMB (Small & Medium Business) Channel Partners for Automotive.

This was not a coincidence – we relied on data to understand how we can scale and grow.

Now, we’re helping out clients to do the same.



sMedia just launched Trade Smart – an Automotive Trade-in tool. It’s the first freemium product in the Automotive industry. TradeSmart that has the most accurate live market data, compared to its alternatives. The solution creates a win-win situation for dealers and consumers. Trade Smart analyzes real market values for vehicles in a dealer’s region, allowing dealers to know what trade-in vehicles would sell for in their market in a data-based way. It increases trust between a dealer and a consumer and likelihood of walk-ins by displaying dealer costs, market demand, and market values to give full transparency on how the value is calculated. sMedia offers Trade Smart at no cost to new/existing customers and select dealers within the sMedia partner network.


AI Lead Optimizer helps dealers drive more high-quality leads from their VDP’s. The solution creates different button combinations for a VDP that range in color, verbiage, placement, and size, and delivers the highest converting button to customers. AI Lead Optimizer makes the most out of the dealer’s VDP traffic, making sure their ad dollar are well spent. The average increase of the VDP conversion rate for dealers is 100%, meaning dealers can double their website leads with AI Lead Optimizer. sMedia uses machine learning to make it happen.

Case Studies

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