Brian Twoomey, GM Airport Marina Honda: Who has the upper hand in a car sale these days, the customer or the dealer?

Sean Kelley

I’ve seen so many of these online engagements take weeks. Just because okay, we text or email, we wait for the reply from the customer. And literally all of a sudden, you turn that into a five minute phone call, and then everything is sorted out and the customer makes a decision. So at the end of the day, it’s almost like maybe the customer isn’t always right. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy for saying that.

Brian Twoomey

Depends which side of the table you’re on. I mean, it’s been a crazy couple of years. And, you know, it was funny, when I think back. I remember saying and I haven’t said this in a while we’re in control. We’ve never been in control. We’ve always had to cater to what the customer needs and wants and everything else and then all of a sudden, the script flipped and you know, we had the control of how the deal was going to work and what information we would give to the consumer, or when we gave it, before they came in. And like I’ve said a couple of times already things are going back to the way they were prior and you got to play ball by their rules a little bit more than before.

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