Compare franchise dealers from all over the country based on the movement of inventory on their websites – by make and model, days on market, and the list price! It’s the perfect tool to help you gather intel on your competitor. Pit Dealer A vs Dealer B and see who’s moving which units and at what price, not to mention how long their inventory sits. Go city to city, state to state, group to group. It’s a great way to determine the duds from the studs and notice trends in the industry.

Our partner (Market check) scrapes every new car dealer site and collects data on sales, trades, and units that go to auction based on the fluidity of website inventory. We’re 95% accurate on all data presented.

To use the tool:

  • Pick a parameter (State, City, Make, Model) in either one or both compare columns
  • Click box at top of column to uncheck all, and then check your desired selection
  • Type in your desired parameter
  • Type in Make and Model

It might take a minute to figure it all out but the numbers are there once you get acquainted with the search process…enjoy!


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